• Increasing flexibility & reducing deflection forces.
  • Higher pressures & lower thrust forces.
  • Lower spring rates & higher elasticity.
  • Minimal installation length due to high elasticity.
  • Fail safe design.
  • High corrosion resistance can be attained economically.




Expansion control in pipelines, ducting and vessels which carry hot or cold fluids, or which are exposed to the large variations in ambient temperature is a major problem confronting designers.

As the metal temperature increases or decreases, the dimensional change due to thermal expansion or contraction will enduce excessive stresses in the piping, ducting or vessel and large forces will be transmitted to anchors and connected equipment.

For controlling such stresses and bring them to allowable values for the materials used in piping, ducting and vessels, several different methods are available, such as the use of pipebends and expansion loops.

However the most modern designers prefer the use of metallic bellows expansion joints, because they require less space than bends and loops and because their inherent flexibility enables them to absorb movements in more than one direction, thereby permitting greater freedom in design.

Furthermore, expansion joints prove to be more economical than other devices, so their use results in lower initial costs for piping and construction work, operating costs being reduced as well.

We in Sri SivaSakthi believe that the customers should derive the most benefits out of doing business with us. To make this into a reality have embarked on a unique programme, developing in-house capability to manufacture special purpose machines, fixtures and testing facilities to cater to the exclusive demands of the customer.

To validate the conformance of the manufactured Bellows to the EJMA or other standards or to the customer’s specific requirements, Shri SivaSakthi have established an excellent testing facility. Manufactured parts are tested at every stage (in line with ISO 9001 - 2000 requirements) to ensure a flawless final product, which will ultimately minimize the internal and external failure costs.

Sri SivaSakthi attitude to experiment and innovate in the manufacture of metal bellows has led to the development of prototype exhaust system, hydroformed components, special purpose machines etc. These added with the in-house strength and infrastructure has helped Shri SivaSakthito develop newer products like pressed components, deep drawn components, thin walled fabrication and hoses for high vacuum application.


          It is because of the accumulation of an experience over these years that we can understand and comply the needs and expectations of our clients completely. Moreover, our aim to be best in our specialized field also assists us to provide accurate products to our customers.

Infrastructure/Team Power:

          Backed by the sound infrastructural base that is equipped with all type machines assist to produce flawless products. In addition to this, we also own a team of professional and experienced workforce that serves as a backbone of our company.


         We have a well developed warehouse that is outfitted with all indispensable facilities to bestow a favorable environment to the products. Our spacious warehouse is bifurcated into many sections that assist in the easy search of desired products and also to deliver our products within the specified time frame.